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15" Macbook Pro New Logic Board, Processor, and Graphics Card Just Reduced — Orlando

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This is a mid2007 MacBook Pro model. I am selling it because I am planning on getting a new laptop. I just got it back from the apple store. It has gotten the Logicboard/ motherboard, Processor, and Graphics card replaced. The replacement ranges from $900-$1200 and It has a 90 day warranty for all of the replaced parts from the day I received it back. I have all of the papers to prove that it was just serviced. This is a 15.4", 2.2 Ghz, 120GB hard drive, 2G of RAM, MacBook Pro. I AM ASKING $1250 FOR THIS MACBOOK PRO!!

Come With:

AC Adapter

Box (with little remote, any small accessories, cds, and manuals)

pre installed:

MAC Snow Leopard

Microsoft Office 2008

VMware Fusion (as an electrical engineering major I used this to run programs that I was unable to use on the MAc operating system)


**I will try to be as honest and accurate as possible so as not to waste yours or my time.


Works Great!

Track Pad Works

Super Drive Works

General Wear from usage(typical scratches, a few very minor/ pin point dents)

Camera Works

Lights Works

Screen Works however it does have some spot discoloration on the sides (it is not dead pixels or stuck pixels, and by not means does this impare anything on your screen or effect the usage, I is really hardly noticeable unless you are really looking for it. I may be able to provide pictures of this however It may be hard to capture with a camera)

WiFi Works

AC Adapter Works

Battery Works ( it get from 2-2.5 hrs)


Please if I have missed anything or you have other questions do not hesitate to ask.


Contact me:

my email: phuongybaby@gmail.com

I Have Feedback on MUA: Please let me know if you would like me to provide that to you Thanks!


  • Orlando, Florida, United States