Digital Animation Education Training at call 407-224=3283 - Orlando - animation education

Digital Animation Education Training at call 407-224=3283 — Orlando

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Graphic Design
3D Studio Max

Digital Animation & Visual Effects School aka DAVE School
Categories: Vocational and Technical School, Cinema

2500 Universal Studios Plaza
Sound Stage 25
Orlando, FL 32819
(407) 224-3283

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Specialties Edit

Block 01 : Modeling
Hard-Surface Modeling
Texturing and Adobe Photoshop
Organic Modeling
Demo Reel Construction

Block 02 : Animation
Camera and Vehicle Animation
Character Animation

Block 03 : Compositing
Advanced Photorealistic 3D Texturing
Bluescreen/greenscreen keying, Roto
2D & 3D Motion Tracking, Matchimation
Advanced Procedural Extractions
2D & 3D CGI Integration
2D, 3D & 2.5D Digital Matte Painting
Camera Projection
Live Action Integration
Color Correction & Matching
Film Colorization
Face Replacement
Wire & Rig Removal
3D Particle Systems
Advanced Multipass Rendering &
3D & 2.5D Digital Debris Systems
Day for Night
Radiosity, Global Illumination, IBL
Light Probes
Digital Displacement FX
Digital HUD FX
Advanced Procedural 3D City
Landscape Modeling
2D, 3D & 2.5D Digital Crowd
3D Stereoscopics
2D to 3D Stereo Conversions
Digital Destruction
Digital Gunfire & Muzzle Flashes , Dig

Block 04 : Stereoscopic 3D
Final Group Project

History Edit

Established in 2000 The DAVE School is the world's leading stereoscopic 3D modeling, animation and visual effects school, offering extensive training under the supervision of qualified instructors. My own background as an artist has given me a unique appreciation for what it takes to succeed in this field. Working with industry colleagues, I have created an amazing program designed to give you complete control over the tools and techniques used in film, television and video game production companies all over the world.
Our students and graduates are writing a new chapter in entertainment history. They are among the most skilled and best-qualified and are in high demand in the industry. We are very excited about our program and I would like to invite you to be a part of it! To schedule an admissions interview or school tour, please call our business office at (407) 224-DAVE.
If you want to talk about the school with me, just ask for Steve.


Steve Warner
Executive Director

  • Orlando, Florida, United States
  • 2500 Universal Studios Plaza Orlando, FL 32819
  • Orlando
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