GARRISON'S GORILLAS - Complete Series & Unaired Pilot Ron Harper - Orlando - tv war

GARRISON'S GORILLAS - Complete Series & Unaired Pilot Ron Harper — Orlando

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episodes PLUS the UNAIRED Pilot (from an original film print) ON 7DVDs
An ABC TV series broadcast from 1967 to 1968; a total of 26 hour-long episodes were produced. It was inspired by the 1967 film The Dirty Dozen, which featured a similar scenario of training Allied prisoners for World War II military missions.

This action series focused on a motley group of commandos recruited from stateside prisons to use their special skills against the Germans in World War II. They had been promised a parole at the end of the war if they worked out. And if they lived. The alternative was an immediate return to
prison. If they ran, they could expect execution for desertion.

The four cons were: Actor (Cesare' Danova), Casino (Rudy Solari), Goniff (Christopher Cary), and Chief (Brendan Boone). They were led by West Pointer First Lt. Craig Garrison (Ron Harper) and headquartered in a secluded mansion in England, this slippery group ranged all over Europe in exploits that often took them behind enemy lines.

Garrison's Gorillas
1)The Big Con
3)The Grab
4)Banker's Hours
5)48 Hours To Doomsday
6)The Great Theft
7)The Deadly Masquerade
8)Now I lay Me Down To Die
9)Operation Hellfire
10)Thieves' Holiday
11)20 Gallons To Kill
12)Friendly Enemies
13)Black Market
14)The Great Crime Wave
15)The Magnificent Forger
16)The Expendables
17)War Games
18)Run From Death
19)The Death Sentence
20)The Big Lie
21)Ride Of Terror
22)War And Crime
23)The Plot To Kill
24)The Frame-Up
25)The War Diamonds
26)Time Bomb

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