Nanny and the professor~tv series - Orlando

Nanny and the professor~tv series — Orlando

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The series starred Juliet Mills(daughter oif John Mills and
sister of Hayley) as Nanny Phoebe Figalilly, Richard Long(Big
Valley) as Professor Harold Everett, and Elsa Lanchester(Bride
ogf Frankenstein) as Aunt Henrietta. Figalilly was apparently
psychic, and had regular flashes of what was often more than
intuition; she frequently knew who was ringing the doorbell before
the bell even rang. There was the vague suggestion that she may
have been at least several hundred years old and more than human,
which the children thought they discovered in an episode after they
saw a photo of Phoebe that looked like it was taken a century
earlier.Figalilly watched over Professor Everett and his three
children: Hal, the intellectual tinkerer, Butch, the middle child,
and Prudence, the youngest, played by Kim Richards.

Here is the series on 13 dvds...Quality 7 of 10...