Pet Hair all over your Home? House Cleaning / Improve Indoor Air Quality 407-495-3486 - Orlando

Pet Hair all over your Home? House Cleaning / Improve Indoor Air Quality 407-495-3486 — Orlando

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That was funny right?

Well, My name is Fiorella, an independent house cleaner. I provide quality cleaning services in Seminole, Orange, Osceola.
Contact number: (407) 495-3486

I provide:

* Pro-Team Backpack Vacuum that has great suction power from soil, dust mites, debris, crumbs bread and more.
* A HEPA filter removes up to 99.95 of particles that pollute the air so breathe cleaner air.
* Microfiber Flat Mop: The fibers reach into the floor surface pores and remove dirt that standard mop fibers cannot reach.
* Color Code Microfibers Cloths to avoid cross-contamination.

How I clean efficiently?

* I am able to effectively clean the stair of your house.
* I also use a round brush that is great for dusting lampshades, door frames, tables, . When you dust with a cloth, you just scatter the dust and it eventually lands back down on your tables.
* I use the round horsehair brush to suck up the dust and never worry about it again.
* For ceiling fans: The round brush makes it possible for me to dust them without going through the motions of taking the blades down and wash them.
* For wood-floors : I vacuum with a soft brush and then with a light wet microfiber I mop.
* For carpets: Efficiently vacuum to remove dirt,dust bunnies/bits of hair.
* Tile/vinyl : Vacuum thoroughly and then mop with microfiber mop.
* Kitchen: Clean outside cabinets, outside appliances, inside microwave, sanitize counters and sink.
* Bathrooms: Clean/ sanitize toilets, under toilets, dust baseboards, Clean showers/tubs and glasses.

REMEMBER: I'm Cleaning for Health First, then Appearance.
That means:
"Cleaning for appearance removes “big” visible soil rather than cleaning for health that removes “small” invisible bacteria, dust and airborne particulates and other micro,bio and chemical contaminates – largely the contributors to unhealthy indoor environments.

PRICES: Starting from $120 about 6hrs Homes 3bed/2bath. For a Free Estimate call ( 407) 495-3486 or email at:



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